FIFA 21: Finally specific information for PS5 – better graphics, DualSense support – games up-to-date

Electronic Arts is preparing the Release of FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X before: The next-gen version will be launched on December 4th. Players can look forward to better graphics and faster loading times, among other things. In a current one Blog entry Sony and EA are now going into more detail about the PS5 version of the football simulation. The focus is on the new features that the DualSense controller enables on PlayStation 5. "Whether you prevent a goal in the last second or hit the ball from outside the penalty area, the haptic feedback of the DualSense wireless controller reacts to everything that happens on the pitch," said the publisher.

If you shoot with the left in FIFA 21 on PS5, you will feel the vibration on the left side of the controller. "There is more intense feedback when you tackle someone from the front compared to scrambling for corner kicks or free kicks," adds Sony. In addition, users should also be able to notice when the player is slowly getting tired on the field and his stamina is waning. In addition, there are "Activities" on PlayStation 5, which send you straight to your favorite mode from the console's home screen. It takes less than two seconds to get from the menu before the game to the kick-off. (buy now € 34.99 /€ 34.99 )

In addition, graphic improvements for FIFA 21 on PS5 are promised. "Our new deferred lighting system called LiveLight Rendering creates ultra-realistic football environments. There are visually stunning replicas of the largest football stadiums in the world waiting for you like Anfield and Parc des Princes, which look even more lifelike," it said on the PlayStation blog. Graphically revised kickers have also been announced. There is also a new gameplay camera that was "inspired by the look and feel of the best football broadcasts".

New at FIFA 21 on next-gen consoles is also the "PreMatch Live" function, which is to contribute a number of new video sequences for additional game day immersion. Before the start of the game, for example, you can see the fans entering the stadium. "In addition, we can better stage the incredible moments of a UEFA Champions League winning goal or an equalization that saves you from relegation. The new Big Goal Moments show you the best scenes after important goals, both in the stands and in the Field, "writes Sony in the PS blog.

The "Responsive Multi-Touch Animations", in turn, are intended to enhance the visual quality and responsiveness of the animations associated with the ball. With over 700 new animation combinations, users should have more control over the ball. "The players take on even more human traits and wipe the sweat from their faces after a run, ask for a pass and take a deep breath after a jump," commented Sony. Players already playing FIFA 21 on PS4 or Xbox One can upgrade to the next-gen upgrade for free.

FIFA 21: New trailer for the version for PS5 and Xbox Series X

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