On July 23, EA Sports presented the latest part of its FIFA series with a large reveal trailer, and in the context of this, let a little information follow. We now know, among other things, that Kylian Mbappé will decorate the cover, the career mode has received a few innovations such as an interactive game simulation, or the gameplay has been expanded with additional dribbling and pass features. The makers want to reveal the rest of the piece by piece in August – if leaks do not precede them. Because there are already some exciting unofficial details about FIFA 21 circulating on the net, which we would like to summarize in this article.

We do not want to go into the new gameplay features such as the agile dribbling system or the creative runs here. EA Sports has already announced this and presented it with a detailed blog post on its in-house website. Instead, let's take a look at a few functions that the creators have not yet officially announced, but have nevertheless been discovered by some subtle uses. Most of them come from a leaked gameplay clip that appeared on the Twitter channel FIFA21News and shows a game between Liverpool FC and Manchester City.

NOTE: The scenes in the video are from the PS4 version of FIFA 20. For legal reasons, we are not allowed to show our own material or the leaked clips.

New gameplay features

Among other things, this shows the option to execute a goal kick to a teammate within your own 16s. This has been allowed in real football since the beginning of the 2019/2020 season after the International Football Association Board made a corresponding change in the rules. This trick could save you some trouble in FIFA. To date, short passes to teammates at the penalty area border can be easily intercepted by the opponent.

Next exciting detail: After a foul committed on you, you can apparently recently reject the advantage. You only have to press the L2 and R2 buttons at the same time in the corresponding game situation. After that, the game will probably be interrupted and continued with the free kick you are entitled to. A practice that is rarely used in real football, but makes sense given the dangerous standards in FIFA.

If you prefer to play your attack from scratch instead of hoping for an advantage or a free kick, there is now a way to do it: the newly introduced Rewind feature. In the menu item Immediate Repeat you can now fast forward and rewind with the shoulder buttons and then jump back to a point in the match by pressing the touchpad. Nice idea.

New presentation

Something has also changed in terms of presentation – if only to a small extent. For example, the actors from Liverpool and City shown in the game have been given new face scans, as well as Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund or some actors from Olympique Lyon, which were shown in the reveal trailer. The community even rumors of a fully licensed French top class with authentic stadiums and players.

The referees now seem to be even more realistic. In the existing material, a few attentive users have discovered the name Mike Dean. He is actually a referee in the British Premier League. So it is quite possible that the in-game can now enjoy real impartiality and thus an additional level of realism. This could also cause more emotions among the players. After a goal, Man City keeper Ederson throws the ball into his own network in frustration, while goal scorer Mohamed Salah celebrates his goal even more euphorically.

Speaking of celebrations: FIFA fans will probably have to say goodbye to a few options here. Among other things, the "Sssh" gesture hated by many Ultimate Team players appears to have been deleted. At least, that's a look at FIFA 21's cheering shortcuts (buy now for € 58.19) Near. While you can still lift your finger to your lips by holding the right stick to the right while running, this command has now completely disappeared from the list. In return, Mbappé's Cry Baby cheer or Erling Haaland's mediation cheer made it into the game.

New icons, fewer leagues

But that's not all, even Ultimate Team players can look forward to a few innovations in FIFA 21. Among other things, a co-op mode and expanded customization options for your club have already been announced. The ranks of the available icons will also get some growth again. Among others, Manchester United legend Eric Cantona was officially announced by EA. In addition, other players are already known: According to DiscoveryFut, triple winner Samuel Eto'o, for example, will strengthen the icon line-up.

In addition, the number of weekly division rival games is limited to 40. This emerges from a Twitter post on FIFA21News, which shows a corresponding screenshot. Accordingly, the system of Rivals will in future be more similar to that of Squad Battles. So you can play as many matches as you want, but after the weekly limit you no longer collect skill points with which you rise in the ranking. Speaking of rank: According to Twitter user FutSpy, there will be a Top 200 instead of a Top 100 in Fut Champions. This should ensure fairer rewards for weekend league players.

Finally, there is some less good news. As Twitter user NonoLoko10 wants to find out, in FIFA 21 you will probably have to do without some divisions. For example, the Chilean Primera Division and the Colombian league Dimayor should no longer be available in the team selection. This is also suggested by the official website of the Liga Dimayor, where EA Sports has now disappeared as an official partner.

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