FIFA 21: play from today?

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Starting today, it is possible to play FIFA 21 in Early Access. We'll tell you how it works. In order to be able to get started on the virtual turf before the official release, there are some conditions to be met. You can find more details in the message.

The soccer game FIFA 21 will actually only be released on October 9, 2020 for PC and consoles. However, there is a possibility that you can jump into the game a week earlier – and it was from this Thursday. This is ensured by a so-called early access phase, during which you can kick off in advance under certain conditions. We'll tell you how it works and what you have to consider.

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The starting shot for the Early Access of FIFA 21 (buy now € 54.99 /€ 56.99 ) falls on October 1, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. German time – this afternoon. However, there are several catches. You absolutely need a membership with EA Play to get a taste of the game. Furthermore, it is a trial version of the latest FIFA episode, which is limited to a playing time of ten hours. Accordingly, all content is available to you, but it is over after the time limit has expired.

Those fans who have a pro membership have it a little better. As of this afternoon, they will have unrestricted access to the preliminary version of FIFA 21 – without the ticking clock around their necks. However, this advantage costs you something: While the normal membership of EA Play costs 3.99 euros per month (24.99 euros per year), the Pro membership costs 14.99 euros per month (99.99 euros per year) Beech.

And without EA Play?

But even without a membership there is an option to play FIFA 21 before October 9th. Pre-orders of both the Champions Edition and the Ultimate Edition can get started on October 6th – three days earlier.

Source: EA Play

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