FIFA 21 TOTW 10: The Team of the Week for FUT

Also this week there is of course a "Team of the Week" for the soccer game FIFA 21. Electronic Arts and EA Sports have announced this TOTW 10 together with the complete list and the corresponding player cards, which of course we do not want to withhold from you. As always, the values ​​are based on the performance of the respective players in real life, whereby their appearances in the national leagues as well as in European competition are used.

The strongest card this week was given to French striker Antoine Griezmann, who is currently under contract with FC Barcelona. The card has an overall rating of 88, so everyone of you would love to be part of your FIFA 21 team (buy now € 39.99 /€ 56.99 ) would have. They are followed by two cards with a rating of 86 each. They belong to Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan and Iago Aspas from the Spanish team Celta Vigo.

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FIFA 21: Predictions for TOTW 10 - possible team of the week line-up


FIFA 21: Predictions for TOTW 10 – possible team of the week

This week the FIFA 21 TOTW 10 is coming up, the first predictions are already online. We show a squad forecast.

The TOTW 9 for FIFA 21 is available now. (5)


FIFA 21 TOTW 9: The Team of the Week for FUT – Player Cards & Complete Lineup

In the meantime, EA Sports has announced the TOTW 9 and all associated cards for FIFA 21.

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Also this time some players from the German Bundesliga are part of the game. These include Florian Neuhaus from Borussia Mönchengladbach and Wout Weghorst from VFL Wolfsburg. All of these cards – and a few more – are available now as usual in the Ultimate Team. So you have a week to take the special cards from the sets or to buy them on the transfer market – then the FIFA 21 TOTW 11 follows. The predictions for the eleventh team of the week should be expected in the first few days of next week , the final list will follow a few days later. Here is the current list in the overview:

The TOTW 10 for FIFA 21 is now available. (7)

The TOTW 10 for FIFA 21 is now available. (7)

Source: Electronic Arts

Starting XI

  • TW: Pacheco (86)
  • IV: Romagnoli (85)
  • LV: Mendy (84)
  • RV: Aguilar (82)
  • CM: Fabien (84)
  • RM: Raphinha (84)
  • CM: Neuhaus (82)
  • CM: Skhiri (81)
  • LF: Griezmann (88)
  • ST: Iago Aspas (86)
  • ST: Martinez (86)

Substitute bench

  • TW: Costil (82)
  • IV: Boyata (81)
  • CM: Klaassen (81)
  • CM: De Paul (81)
  • LF: Toko-Ekambi (82)
  • RF: Pedro Goncalves (81)
  • ST: Weghorst (84)
  • RM: Ienaga (79)
  • ZOM: Petratos (77)
  • ST: Diagne (80)
  • RF: Sugar Nail (79)
  • ST: Bowman (73)

Source: EA Sports

The TOTW 10 for FIFA 21 is now available. (2) (Source: Electronic Arts)

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