Also this week EA Sports has of course published a new “Team of the Week” for the FUT mode of FIFA 21. This TOTW 28 is now ready for you with the matching player cards – if you are lucky enough to pull them out of the pack. As usual, the values ​​of the cards are based on the achievements of the respective stars in real life. The better they have done there in the recent past, the higher the rating.

In this regard, the top spot for the TOTW 28 from FIFA 21 (buy now 24,99 € /22,99 € ) the Italian Lorenzo Insigne with an 89 in the top place. The midfielder from SSC Napoli had caused a sensation in recent days with particularly good performances. This is followed by two player cards with an 88 rating: Both the Brazilian Fabinho from Liverpool FC and the Spaniard Iago Aspas from Celta Vigo are on the podium this week. There are also a total of five players from the German Bundesliga in the new “Team of the Week” – even from the 2nd Bundesliga. By far the best card of this quintet goes to the account of Filip Kostić, who has presented himself in outstanding form at Eintracht Frankfurt for many weeks.

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These – and many more – cards are now available in the Ultimate Team. So you have a week to pull the special cards from the sets or to buy them on the transfer market – then the FIFA 21 TOTW 29 follows. Here is the current list in the overview:

The TOTW 28 for the FUT mode of FIFA 21 is ready.  (6)

The TOTW 28 for the FUT mode of FIFA 21 is ready. (6)

Quelle: Electronic Arts

FIFA TOTW 28 – Starting XI

  • TW: Matheus (82)
  • LV: Mendy (86)
  • LV: Acuna (85)
  • RV: Surname (84)
  • LM: Insigne (89)
  • ZDM: Fabinho (88)
  • LM: Kostic (86)
  • ZOM: Lingard (84)
  • ST: Iago Aspas (88)
  • ST: Muriel (86)
  • ST: Ings (85)

The TOTW 28 Bank:

  • TW: Ortega (81)
  • LAV: Reach (82)
  • LM: Thuram (83)
  • LM: Matheus Pereira (81)
  • ST: Dolberg (82)
  • ST: Ikoné (82)
  • ST: Daka (81)
  • ZOM: Hunt (79)
  • ZOM: Fountas (79)
  • ZDM: Krejci (78)
  • ZM: Ndoj (76)
  • RM: Rober (76)

Those: EA Sports

The TOTW 28 for the FUT mode of FIFA 21 is ready. (2) [Quelle: Electronic Arts]

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