Player of FIFA 21 get access to Update 9. The patch is now available for download for the PC version. At what time the update will appear on the consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X), the publisher did not announce. As a rule, the consoles are supplied a few days after the release on the PC. However, EA has already published the patch notes – and with them the list of changes and innovations.

In the foreground is a bug fix that the Squad Battles could concern. Because a certain goalkeeper pass in online matches could ultimately ensure that the AI ​​made no attempts to capture the ball. Many gamers have taken advantage of this bug in the past to run down time. In addition, the FIFA 21 Update 9 plays a number of changes for skill moves. For example, the developers are adapting how the ball is held up. The patch also weakens the volley lob if they are shot on goal from less than eleven meters. (buy now € 25.99 /€ 56.99 )

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in the Electronic Arts Forum you will receive further details on the current patch notes. There are also other changes pending for the Ultimate Team, the career mode and the Volta variant. In career mode, for example, it should no longer happen that coaches wear the wrong team clothing during matches and in other scenes. The referees were also fine-tuned: The referees should no longer whistle the game as often as before in promising attacks. The developers also promise updates for individual menus for FIFA 21 Patch 9.

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