FIFA slowly degenerates into work! I wrote that recently in a column on EA Sports’ football simulation. If you want to keep up with other players, you have to regularly invest several dozen hours in the title, especially in the Ultimate Team mode. Every week, 30 matches in Division Rivals, 30 matches in FUT Champions and another 42 matches in Squad Battles await you here. There is hardly any time left for other hobbies.

This realization has now also reached the developers themselves. In a press presentation on FIFA 22 (buy now 59,99 € /53,99 € ) Producer Azlan Mustapha stated quite honestly: Not everyone can afford this mass of games. Accordingly, he and his team have come up with some changes for the latest part of the sports series. In particular, the central game modes have been cleaned up properly.

Let’s start with Division Rivals. Here the previous format of the weekly competitions is being thrown overboard. Instead, as in FIFA 18 and previous versions, the mode again works on a seasonal basis. So it should turn out to be significantly less time-consuming. After all, you no longer have to fight for places in the global highscore and associated rewards every seven days.

In the future you will compete against each other over a period of several weeks in the already known ten divisions, which will confront you with increasingly stronger opponents. However, there is no longer a skill rating, in future everything in FIFA 22 will revolve around collected victories: With these you will move up in the league system, which will bring you a nice bonus every time. In addition, at the end of the season you will of course also receive rewards based on your final placement. Finally, there are weekly rewards for the number of matches you have won in seven days.

In addition, FIFA 22 is introducing a new elite league where the best players can show their skills. There are then no more divisions or ranks, instead players are matched with one another based on a skill rating. As you currently know from FIFA 21. Incidentally, once you’ve made it into the upper house of the FIFA league system, you cannot relegate (at least until the end of a season, when your ranking is reset). Those who do particularly well will even have the opportunity to qualify for the Global Series, the big EA Sports eSport competition, in the course of the year.

The return of the knockout tournament

Speaking of competition: The FUT Champions mode has also been revised in FIFA 22. It felt too rushed in the past, according to the makers. Playing 30 matches in a single weekend is a huge obligation. Therefore, they want to squeeze fewer games into a less tight schedule in the future.

To this end, FUT Champions will in future be divided into three phases: First, you play Division Rivals to earn points. With these you then unlock access to the so-called playoffs. Then you have to get a couple of wins again, with which you ultimately qualify for the grand finale. This will still take place on the weekend, but you will now only play 20 games and with an adapted reward system that relies on points instead of wins. When you want to take it on is still up to you. If you have earned a ticket to the Weekend League, you can redeem it as you like. However, you should keep in mind that you only have a certain number of FUT Champions participations available per season.

But not only the competitive modes have been adjusted, but also the cooperative ones. EA Sports wants to make the FUT co-op introduced last year even more accessible. For all those who were previously unable to play Ultimate Team with a teammate – perhaps because they didn’t have any friends who were enthusiastic about FIFA – there is now public matchmaking: You will be assigned a partner online. With the you can then choose from a number of ready-made teams and then plunge into four-on-four matches.

At the end there was also some information about new player and club objects. For example, FIFA 22 is now introducing the so-called FUT Heros, special special items for fan favorites. They work according to a unique chemistry system: They harmonize with players from the same league or the same nationality. Mario Gomez, for example, is best put on the pitch with other players from the Bundesliga. In addition to the former Stuttgart and Bayern professional, various other FUT Hero cards have already been confirmed, for example for Robbie Keane, Abedi Pelé or Diego Milito. EA Sports wants to pay tribute to a few additional players over the course of August who shaped eras or wrote club history, but never achieved legendary status. Information on new icons should also be available by then.

Gomez, Cahill, Milito - the line-up of Fut Heroes will be expanded over the course of the summer.

Gomez, Cahill, Milito – the line-up of Fut Heroes is to be expanded over the course of the summer.

Quelle: Electronic Arts

It is already known that the stadium modifications made last year will be expanded further. FIFA 22 offers you even more possibilities to build your very own football temple and to design it according to your own wishes: In the future you can equip your arena with VIP zones and additional audience elements. Seasonal content should also play a central role again. In addition to many new features, some things remain familiar in Ultimate Team.

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