FIFA advertising in children's magazine – EA collects Shitstorm

Publisher EA is currently heavily criticized for an ad in a toy magazine for children, which calls for the use of in-game currency for player packs.


EA placed an ad in the magazine of British toy retailer Smyths Toys, which revolves around the Ultimate Teams in FIFA 21. The ad explains how the mostly young players are put together for the mode.

Step 1 is to start Ultimate Team mode and in Step 2 will then use FIFA Points to open the pack. FIFA points must, however bought with real money will.

On Twitter, players criticize EA for their opinion I want to tempt children to buy the loot boxes, because nothing else is the player packs and thus to increase the addiction potential behind the hunt for particularly good players.

in the Reddit advertising in the children's magazine is also discussed. There are comments like “EA has hit a new low. Shame!", or, "It's great that it says, use FIFA points and not buy FIFA points", to read.

EA did last fiscal year earned almost 1.5 billion dollars through the Ultimate Team modes in FIFA, NHL and Madden. So it's really worth it to continue promoting this type of microtransaction.

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For many, advertising in a magazine in which children like to choose presents is particularly good "Very unethical" and should be banned. In Belgium, FIFA loot boxes have been banned since 2018that they are considered a game of chance. In Great Britain, it is currently being investigated whether loot boxes can be classified as a game of chance.

EA has long been criticized for putting a lot of focus on their microtransactions and loot boxes in their games. That they try here "Normalize in-game purchases for children", increases anger towards the "Greedy" Publisher even further.

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