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Publisher Electronic Arts currently has to defend itself in court in numerous countries. The background is the loot boxes that can be bought in titles like FIFA, Madden or NHL. A judgment has now even been passed in the Netherlands. Accordingly, the FUT loot boxes were classified as a game of chance. If EA does not adjust the mechanics in FIFA 19, FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 by November 5, 2020, the publisher must expect a penalty. If EA doesn't make any changes here, the company will be asked to pay a total of € 500,000 per week – up to a maximum of € 5 million. In relation to the turnover of Ultimate Team in FIFA, Madden and Co., however, the penalty should hardly be significant.

In the last fiscal year alone, Electronic Arts generated sales of $ 1.49 billion with Ultimate Team. Nevertheless, the publisher has already announced that it will take action against the judgment. The complaint states, among other things, that the company is disappointed with the decision of the court and that no connection whatsoever has been established between FIFA Ultimate Team and a violation of the gambling rules in the country. EA wants a quick solution to be able to offer FUT in full in the Netherlands.

Among other things, the sale of FIFA Points in Belgium was stopped in January 2019. Most recently, a lawsuit was filed against Electronic Arts in Canada and the United States. Even professionals from the e-sports department of FC Schalke 04 have spoken out publicly against the use of FIFA Points.

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