Fighting evening event and flight cup canceled for the time being

from Susanne Braun
Tonight, on September 24, 2020, the fight evening event and the associated flight cup should have taken place in Pokémon Go. But with the last update of the pocket monster collecting game from Niantic, so many problems have come into the fighting league that the developers have postponed the event to an unknown date at short notice.

And with that the chance of an enormous lump of stardust has moved into the distance: The developers of Niantic announced at short notice that the fight evening event planned for today (September 24, 2020) and the accompanying flight cup have been postponed – a An alternative date has not yet been communicated. This means that between 6:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. you cannot play 20 instead of the usual five combat sets and that you also do not receive a stardust bonus on the victories and ranks you have achieved. So it's best to save yourself your battle league mission and enjoy a few more summery moments before it becomes noticeably more autumnal in the near future.

The makers of Pokémon Go do not name the reason for the postponement of the fight evening and flight cup, but it can be assumed that this has to do with the poor performance currently prevailing in the fight league. With update 0.187.1, according to the players (via My MMO) escalates to lag and disconnects, and the whiteball is a loyal friend of the avid PvP community.

Although there was already the problem in the combat league that loading attacks did not reliably trigger, it has now gotten worse – and that has become noticeably a problem even in arena battles, like the makers of Pokémon Go in the Known Bugs Collection Area confirm – by the way, the problem is mentioned there that some Mega Pokémon use a wrong CP Boost modifier during Mega Evolution. As soon as it is known when the fight evening and the flight cup will be rescheduled, we will let you know.

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