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With "Intrigue" Roman Polanski films the novel of the same name by Robert Harris. The strip, which was set at the end of the 19th century, deals with the historic Dreyfus affair. In this a French-Jewish officer was charged with espionage for Germany. However, the young officer Picquart begins to doubt these allegations. "Intrigue" will be released in German cinemas on February 6th.

Paris in the 1890s: The integral Major Picquart is appointed the new head of the French foreign intelligence service. There he encounters inconsistencies in the case of Captain Dreyfus, who was exiled to the Devil's Island for treason. There is growing suspicion in Picquart that the Jew Dreyfus is only a pawn victim, and although he discovers evidence against the true traitor, colleagues and superiors force him to remain silent.
With intrigue, Roman Polanski commemorates a political scandal that shook the French nation at the end of the 19th century. As meticulously as he lets Picquart follow the truth, he painstakingly stages his film based on the novel by Robert Harris (Fatherland): with many flashbacks and features that make anyone interested in history click their tongues. If it hadn't been so slow, Polanski would have been a gem.

Conclusion: Informative, visually exhilarating political, judicial and racism drama that only lets the drama arturgy grind itself in love.

Intrigue (film) (film)


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