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After the success of the first season of The Witcher, a sequel was the logical next step and filming began last year. Made more difficult by the pandemic, these could finally be completed and this year we can look forward to more adventures from Geralt, Siri and Yennefer.

You can blame the first season of the Netflix series The Witcher for a lot – especially the confusing narrative structure pissed off some viewers. Nonetheless, the series was a huge success for Netflix and it quickly became clear that we would get a second season. Filming for it began at the beginning of last year and had to be interrupted several times due to the Covid pandemic. After a total of 158 days of shooting, the time had come and the last scene was in the can. In the Netflix video we get a little glimpse into the shooting and how extensive it was. At 15 different locations, not only were the 89 different actors involved, but a total of over 1,200 employees who, according to their own statements, practically swam in disinfectant.

The Witcher: Behind the Scenes of Season 2

In the credits of the short video we finally get more information about the release of the second season. In 2021 it should be ready for the rework to be completed and the series to be published on Netflix. This can of course change in view of the current situation in the world, but it is the streaming provider’s current plan. However, the producers did not reveal anything in the video about the exact plot of the season. We know, however, that Geralt and Siri will probably go to Kaer Morhen, where the sorcerer will be trained and his teacher Vesemir will also be there for the first time. Also, Cahir and Fringilla will be more in the spotlight.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming season or weren’t you particularly enthusiastic about the start of the Witcher saga on TV?

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