Apparently, it is entirely possible that Square Enix could one day be working on a Final Fantasy 10-3. In one Interview the long-time series veterans Tetsuya Nomura and Motomu Toriyama talked about the successor. According to one statement, the current chances for the role-playing game are “not zero”. In addition, there should already be material by Kazushige Nojima in the form of a synopsis. The rough framework for the story of Final Fantasy 10-3 is already done.

In the interview, Nomura says that this core has already been used for the story of the audio drama of Final Fantasy X: Will and the later book Final Fantasy X-2.5. But if you thought that the project might soon be confirmed, you first have to be extremely patient. Motomu Toriyama reveals that Square Enix is ​​not yet in a phase to discuss this issue. Only after finalizing Final Fantasy 7 Remake could Final Fantasy 10-3 perhaps play a role.

It wasn’t until April 2020 that the remake of Final Fantasy 7 was released for PS4. A few weeks ago there was also the PS5 upgrade with Intergrade, including an exclusive mission with Yuffie. The second part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is already in development, but has not yet been officially launched. The release is still completely unclear at the moment. Since the retelling will consist of at least three parts, a Final Fantasy 10-3 is likely to be far in the future.

via Gematsu

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