Experience has shown that the start of a new expansion for Final Fantasy 14 always leads to a high load on the game server and thus to long queues. That’s probably also in Endwalker to expect such problems. The official release is planned for December 7th, the early access phase will start on December 3rd.

To make matters worse, Final Fantasy 14 (buy now 25,98 €) In the past few months there has already been an enormous rush of new players and the developers have not yet had the opportunity to increase the server capacities due to the current market situation for semiconductors. In a official position name Square Enix has now announced again what difficulties you have to expect at the start of Endwalker and how the developers want to contain the problems.

Registration queues

With the release of Endwalker, there will almost always be queues for logging in to the individual game worlds. Square Enix has already increased the maximum number of maximum possible logins, but you should still allow a certain amount of time until you get to the server. In the queues, the players are logged in in the order in which they registered – so be patient. Full version players are also preferred to the free trial version.

A function implemented with Patch 5.57 that allows you to log in outside of your home world could be useful here. To do this, select the “World Transfer” function in the character menu and then log in. Your character will automatically enter a world that is currently less busy.

Character creation

Character creation will temporarily not be possible in crowded worlds. Square Enix is ​​asking you to do character creation outside of peak hours or to access a less busy world.

Error 2002

Error 2002 occurs when a data center login queue exceeds 17,000 players. Should you run into this problem, you probably have no choice but to try again at a later point in time.

Automatic logout

The automatic logout was reintroduced a few months ago during the great number of players and is still active now. This means that you will be automatically logged out of the game worlds after 30 minutes of inactivity. The functionality will even be improved with Patch 6.0.

Waiting times for instanced content

There may also be longer waiting times for the instantiated content. To avoid overloading, the developers have implemented a queuing system here as well.

Instantiation of the areas

The instantiation of the new areas is also known from the earlier expansions. This creates multiple copies of the same zones and automatically distributes the players to them. You can tell which copy you are in by the number at the end of the name (e.g. Labyrinthos 1, Labyrinthos 2, etc.). When you enter an area, it is also possible to select the instance directly. If you are in a group, it can happen that the individual group members are distributed to different instances. Talk to you in the case and all enter the same instance.

Final Fantasy 14: Goosebumps! The launch trailer for Endwalker is online

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