from Stefan Brunk
From May 18, Square Enix again invites you to the Event MogMog collection in Final Fantasy 14, which is about collecting the Allagan stones of law and then exchanging them for great rewards.

It's time again! From May 18, you can hunt for the Final Fantasy 14 as part of the MogMog collection unusual Allagan stones of law do. You get this if you enter certain dungeons via the content search and then successfully complete them. If you have enough stones together, you can get them from the Traveler Mogrys exchange for very different rewards. This time there are special prizes Mameshiba bandana (for 100 stones) and some mounts for 50 stones.

The unusual Allagan stones of law you will get this time in the following dungeons:

  • Castrum Meridianum – Praetorium: 10 stones
  • Orbonne Monastery: 7 stones
  • Castrum Meridianum – outdoor area: 7 stones
  • Ridorana gunfire: 6 stones
  • Rabanastre: 5 stones
  • Goldklamm: 5 stones
  • Hidden gorge (PvP): 5 stones
  • Sawmill cry: 4 stones
  • Sunken Temple of Qarn: 3 stones
  • Stone watch: 3 stones
  • Fixed Dzemael: 3 stones

The event is expected to continue until patch 5.3 is launched. The exact date for the patch release is not yet known. Here you get to official announcement.

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