Final Fantasy 14: Patch 5.25

from Stefan Brunk
Just in time for the release of patch 5.25 "Echoes of a Fallen Star", Square Enix also published the patch notes for the update on the official website of Final Fantasy 14. With the patch, players can start to acquire the weapons of the Queen Guard as well as the Sky Steel tools.

With the orders of Weapons of resistancewho found their way to the live servers of Final Fantasy 14 with patch 5.25, you have the opportunity to download the Weapons of the queen guard to earn. These are job-specific weapons that are similar to that Relic- or Anima weapons may be upgraded with later updates. In the course of the questline you will have to deal with a special test. Which opponents you have to compete against and how difficult this fight is will not be revealed in the patch notes. If you stick to the Weapons of resistance if you want to try, you have to Kugane (Coordinates X12.2 Y12.3) and travel there Keiten the task "Long live the Queen" accept. However, you have to do the main scenario of Shadowbringers, as well as that Orbonne Monastery completed.

But that's not all, because with Patch 5.25 and the Celestial Steel Tools the craftsmen will get their money's worth again. Like the Queen's Guard weapons, these tools can be expanded in later updates. For the useful gadgets you will need to make special craft goods that you can find in your recipe book. The starting point of the quest series can be found in Ishgard (foundations X14.2 Y12.5), where you can find the Celestial Steel Engineer the order "Old knowledge from the workshop" can accept.

Final Fantasy 14: Patch 5.25 is this extensive - a look at the patch notes (2)

Final Fantasy 14: Patch 5.25 is this extensive – a look at the patch notes (2)

Source: Square Enix

Of course, Patch 5.25 has more to offer. For example, some furnishings inspired by the 2019 furniture design competition have found their way into the game. You can download the complete patch notes watch here.

Final Fantasy 14: Echoes of a Fallen Star – Trailer for Patch 5.2

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