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With the release of patch 5.41 for Final Fantasy 14, the rebuilding of Ishgard is entering a new round. During the fourth major project you can again take part in the tournament of talents. We have the details of patch 5.41 for you.

Patch 5.41 for Final Fantasy 14 was released today. The update revolves around the Rebuilding Ishgard, which is now entering the fourth and final phase. Once again, the artisan classes can help restore the sky city to its former glory. If you want to take part in it, you have to come along in the city of heaven Francel (X12,2 Y11,3) and there accept the task "The Ishgarder does not live on bread alone". Of course, there are also great rewards that you can acquire for the construction certificates you have stolen.

Final Fantasy 14: Patch 5.41 - The rebuilding of Ishgard continues! (2)

Final Fantasy 14: Patch 5.41 – The rebuilding of Ishgard continues! (2)

Source: Square Enix

The collectibles required for the fourth phase are made with new raw materials that you can collect in the diadem as usual. You can see exactly how this works in this guide look at. Older collectibles, on the other hand, lose significantly in value. So you don't get any for them Lucky coupons more and also the number of building certificates won was significantly reduced. So it is advisable to concentrate fully on the new collectibles when making them.

In order to give the reconstruction in the fourth phase a special flavor, there are two competitions this time. On the one hand, the already known finds again Tournament of Talents instead, in which the hardest-working players are awarded. This will end on January 22nd, 2021. Second, the most active craftsmen will be with the Work monument appreciated. A monument will be erected in honor of the artisan class who contributed most to the reconstruction during this phase. You can find more about patch 5.41 in the official patch notes.

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