of Stefan Brunk
Square Enix has once again wielded the ban hammer and banned thousands of accounts from the game worlds. With this they continue their fight against real money trading in Final Fantasy 14 tirelessly.

Trading in-game items for real money is a problem in many MMOs, and Final Fantasy 14 is no exception. Here it is mainly the currency Gilwhich is offered for sale by various third-party providers. This type of trade violates the terms and conditions of online role-playing games and is also not welcomed within the community – on the one hand it is viewed as fraud, on the other hand the advertising for the various RMT (Real Money Trade) sites in the capital cities is extremely annoying.

To counteract this, Square Enix regularly blocks accounts that participate in real money trading, advertise it or otherwise violate the terms and conditions. Since our last News from March 9th on the same subject, Square Enix has reported the suspension of accounts four more times.

As always, Square Enix is ​​again providing advice on how you can report players who break the rules. Simply open the system menu and choose here [Kundendienst / Infos] -> [Kontakt aufnehmen] -> [Unrechtmäßige Aktivitäten melden]. You can report RMT advertising in the chat simply by right-clicking on the name and then using the corresponding function.

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