As Naoki Yoshida during his live stream on February 6, 2021, the fourth expansion for Final Fantasy 14 titled Endwalker revealed, he also announced an unusual feature: The Island paradise should allow the players to retreat to their own island, where it should be possible, for example, to cultivate fields, to breed animals and also to exhibit his mounts and companions. Yoshida emphasized again and again that this type of content should be aimed primarily at single players. In this article, we therefore want to take a closer look at the information known so far and speculate about what might await us with the island paradise.

The island paradise – that is known so far

So far, the information on the Island paradise rather sparsely sown, so that it is difficult to get a more precise picture of it. When we Naoki Yoshida in our Endwalker-Interview after the Island paradise questioned and whether this content was also intended for the free societies, he replied:

Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy 14

Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy 14

Quelle: Square Enix

Even though this content was designed for an MMO, the intention here is more that the players can spend their time doing solo activities and have fun without having to constantly keep an eye on the progress of other players. There is no need to rush here, nor are there elements that put the player under pressure. Our goal is for the players to enjoy a quiet life here, for example while they play with their companions, take screenshots of their favorite places and things like that. This content is not intended for free societies.

These are words into which a lot can be interpreted. And even if the information about the actual gameplay seems like a teaser so far, most of us will probably get titles like (not least because of the artwork) Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley in mind, which is about running a farm and making it flourish. In these games you usually start small and in addition to the actual farm work, you also have to do a lot of repair and clean-up work in order to be able to use the full potential of your farm. This concept could work great in an MMO like Final Fantasy 14 (buy now ) fit, for example with the Rebuilding Ishgard There was already similar content, but it was only limited to the craft classes. Here, too, it was the task of the players to unlock more and more levels of progress through their work and thus always to new parts of the future residential area Ishgard to build.

Final Fantasy 14: The Island Paradise – What Can We Expect?

We are also curious to see what the actual farm work will look like and what the breeding animals are all about Island paradise are in conversation. Is it about a new form of chocobo breeding (for example as in Final Fantasy 7), or will a large selection of farm animals be available for this? And what about the fields that can be tilled by the players? Will this just be a new version of the plant crossings as we already know them from Housing or will something completely new await us here? Here we can probably do nothing more than wait for further announcements.

What we can only speculate about at the moment is the progress system that comes with the Island paradise goes hand in hand. It can be assumed that (similar to the Rebuilding Ishgard) with each major update, new phases will be added, upon completion of which new game elements or areas of the island will be unlocked. As usual from Square Enix, there will probably be an extensive series of quests around this content and the individual levels. Whether the aim is simply to cultivate an uninhabited island or to rebuild a devastated farm (which may have been destroyed by the events in Patch 6.0) can currently only be speculated.

What we definitely want in this context, however, is a new version of housing that is independent of the previous residential areas. An instanced housing zone, in which you can set up your house and garden completely independently of the tiresome hunt for free land, is an often expressed request from the community and was already mentioned, for example, in our five requests for the third expansion over two years ago . The idea that you can display your companions and mounts there and let them run around is not new either. Just the very free concept of the Island paradise invites you to be embellished with many gimmicks and features of this kind.

For single players only – what does that mean?

It will also be interesting to see what exactly the often emphasized single player aspect means and how consistently it is implemented. It can be assumed that every player will have their own instanced version of the island or that some kind of phasing technology will be used in which every player sees their own version of the area, even if several people are in the same place . At the moment, however, it is still completely unclear whether the products made via animal breeding and agriculture are required for handicraft and can be traded on the market board. If so, this would at least contradict the announcement that there should be no pressure from other players with this type of content – after all, the competition on the market board can be a lot of stress.

Games like Stardew Valley suggest what to expect with the island paradise.

Games like Stardew Valley suggest what to expect with the island paradise.

Those: PC Games

However, it would also be conceivable that the Island paradise there is only a kind of internal production cycle in which the objects are manufactured for their own sake and then exchanged with an NSC. Similar to the construction certificates of the sky city you could eventually exchange them for rewards such as companions and mounts or use them to improve the island (e.g. new buildings or zones). In this way, each player could take the time he needs and follow his own progress without any time pressure or competition.

Single player content in an MMO? No problem!

In this context, of course, the question could also arise of how useful pure single-player content is in an MMO or whether it might even be harmful to the community and interaction. The latter can be ruled out without hesitation. On the one hand, this type of content does not compete with other game content, and on the other hand it already has that Shadowbringers The side-by-side system (trust) that was introduced proved that the option of concluding certain content without human players in no way disrupts the interaction.

Rather, it’s the case that there is very little content in Final Fantasy 14 that doesn’t rely on other players. Even if you don’t always need a home group, at least the random content search or the group search is necessary if you want to tackle the different types of content. Content that you can tackle on your own is rather sparsely distributed, such as housing or handicrafts. Any fears that Final Fantasy 14 could move more and more away from group content are also unfounded in this regard. As already mentioned, the island paradise is much more likely to take the place that currently the Rebuilding Ishgard and consistently develop the ideas already used here and take them to a new level.

The island paradise will presumably take the place that the reconstruction of Ishgard currently occupies. <br data-lazy-src=

Source: Buffed

The island paradise could be really good

Yes, we don’t yet know very much about what will ultimately await us with the island paradise – that’s precisely why it is so much fun to speculate about it. The island paradise could be one of the contents that you would like to visit again and again if you are not in the mood for stressful raids or random groups. However, the information so far suggests a kind of game in the game that has a lot of potential to offer us content in which we can act creatively and still experience a relaxed feeling of progress. Now we have no choice but to wait until the digital fan festival, which is supposed to take place on May 15th, where we will hopefully receive new information and maybe even a few screenshots of the island paradise.

Of course, we are also looking forward to your opinion and ideas. How do you imagine the island paradise? What types of content or “mini-games” are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments.

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