Final Fantasy 14: Y'shtola character available in November

from Stefan Brunk
You can now pre-order the brand new Y'shtola figure, which will be officially released in November 2020. The character will wear her dawn set, which most players will be familiar with from Shadowbringer's recent "Final Fantasy 14" expansion, and can be redesigned to some extent.

Square Enix recently unveiled the Y'shtola character on the Final Fantasy 14 official site, which will appear in the "BRING ARTS" series. The figure has movable arms and the head can also be rotated so that many different poses are possible. Up to six alternative hands can also be attached.

In order to ensure the necessary quality, producer and director Naoki Yoshida supervised the production of the figure himself. Like him in his "Walk with Yoshi-P" told it took a total of three tries before he was satisfied with the face. The figure can now be pre-ordered for 89.99 euros and should be officially released in mid-November. You can find out more in the official announcement.

Final Fantasy 14: Bring your own Y'shtola character home now! (2)

Final Fantasy 14: Bring your own Y'shtola character home now! (2)

Source: Square Enix

As always, we are looking forward to your comments. Do you like to collect characters for your favorite animes and games? Have you been waiting for a Y'shtola figure for a long time and are you going to pre-order it directly?

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