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According to reports from the Asian-speaking world, the people of Square Enix are working together with Korean and Chinese developers on a mobile MMO for Final Fantasy 15, which allows you to explore new areas of the game world Eos in a parallel world to Noctis' adventures. The game is to be launched in China first, but then worldwide as well.

The end of the efforts of the developers of Square Enix has often been conjured up to get something out of the very successful Final Fantasy 15 and the associated world. And again fans of Noctis and Co. are surprised. After the English version of the FFXV novel Fight for the Future is due to be released in summer, the inventors of Final Fantasy 15 are apparently working with developers from Korean and Chinese studios on a mobile MMO for the last offshoot of the JRPG cult series – at least several people do that Reports from the Asian language area near (via Kotaku).

Accordingly, the mobile MMO is developed by the Korean studio JSC Games and the Chinese studio Gaea Mobile and then published in China by the publisher Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group. The game is said to have been under development for several years and is based on Unreal Engine 4. The Japanese authors of the Website culture According to the MMO, it is set in a state-of-the-art parallel game to the main game, to which Noctis and his companions begin their journey through Lucis. Pretty graphics and a touch control should remind you of the feeling of the main game on the consoles and the PC. You should also be given the opportunity to explore completely new regions – fans might think primarily of areas that were only rudimentary to explore in the original game, such as Tenebrae and Fenestala. More details about a release and a trailer are expected in the first half of the year.

Until then, the developers can do their homework with a little more conscientiousness, the teaser artwork that has appeared shows one of the four leading actors, Prompto, missing. Apparently, however, completely new characters can be expected, as the silhouette artwork suggests.

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition HD: Trailer for the console launch

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