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It seems more and more likely that Final Fantasy 16 will be available exclusively for the PS5. Another insider confirmed the existence of the role-playing game and said that the announcement should have been made.

A few days ago, we reported that industry insider and game journalist Jez Corden suspected role-playing Final Fantasy 16 could be time exclusive to the PS5 and an announcement should be forthcoming. Another insider now agrees.

The references to FF16 for the PS5 are condensedch

The user Navtra explains via Resetera that Final Fantasy 16 is actually in progress. According to his information, the role-playing game should have been announced in June. He doesn't know why that didn't happen. But the game is closer than some may think, and according to its information, it will appear time-exclusive for Playstation 5.

Navtra has already predicted the lineup of the Future of Gaming event and was the one who leaked in advance that the Spider-Man DLC for Marvel's Avengers will be released exclusively for the PS4. So he apparently actually has inside information and could therefore be right with his predictions regarding Final Fantasy 16. It is interesting that this exclusivity comes from two independent sources.

When Square Enix and Sony will present Final Fantasy 16 is not yet clear. The next state-of-play event on August 6th could be ready, but Sony said we shouldn't expect any major announcements regarding the PS5 during this event. Therefore, it is conceivable that FF16 will only be shown later – if the rumors are correct. Sony is said to plan to hold a major PS5 event at the end of August. Maybe we will see the role play then.

Source: Resetera

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