Final Fantasy 16: Community discusses missing heroines – current game

from Andreas Bertits
After a group of men was in the foreground in Final Fantasy 15, this seems to be the case again in Final Fantasy 16. The community is already discussing what's going on at Square Enix and why women seem to be taking a back seat as strong characters.

The trailer for the upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy 16 presents us again with strong heroes who take on dark creatures. But what is noticeable. Women seem to only appear as minor characters.

Where are the heroines?

"One of the things I've always liked about FF is the variety of party members. After FF15 and now this trailer I've been a little depressed about the lack of women lately," writes thesch on Reddit. This started a discussion within the community. After all, Final Fantasy 15 was already about a group of men. Even then, questions arose as to why there were no women as group members. "The lack of women is really strange – especially after the FF15 sausage festival," said Reddit user Watton.

The last single-player role-playing game in the Final Fantasy series that featured strong women was Final Fantasy 13. Lightning as a heroine was quite convincing. And even before that, there were always heroines, such as Yuna in FF10 or Tifa and Aerith in Final Fantasy 7.

Likewise, the Final Fantasy fans seem to lack that there seem to be hardly any other races apart from humans. Races like the rabbit-like Viera or the mysterious Black Mages, to which Vivi from FF9 belongs, have brought a lot of variety into the games and the worlds.

It seems strange to some of the Final Fantasy community that such races or even strong women have hardly played a role in recent times. A positive example here is the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. But here Square Enix adheres to the specifications of the original. "We literally just got an FF game with two gorgeous, strong women (Tifa and Aerith). Lots of other NPCs were women too … Nothing has to include everyone. Game development and story writing are no tick boxes. Let them do the game they want to do, "says Lionheartcs on Reddit.

We still know very little about Final Fantasy 16 and it could be a very long time before the RPG comes out on the PS5. Who knows, maybe there are strong women in the story who will be introduced to us over time.

Source: Reddit

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