Depending on the language in which a game is mainly set to music, there will always be an audio-image discrepancy. If a game is first set to music in German and the facial expressions of the speakers are recorded (motion capturing) in order to give the characters in the game precisely these movements, then an English synchronization of the same scenes can sometimes seem strange. It is in the nature of the language, of course: English is a much shorter language than German.

English dubbing of Final Fantasy 16 has priority

In order to keep the rework on the English synchronization of Final Fantasy 16 to a minimum, the developers of Square Enix have put the focus on English, as game producer Naoki Yoshida promises in an interview. This means that the first synchro is English and that during this the facial expressions of the speakers are recorded in order to then work them on the game characters. Or rather: were recorded, because this process is in full swing.

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But not just English!

According to Yoshida, the Japanese synchronization will start shortly, and you can be sure that there will also be a German version, as with Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The following detail is also interesting: Yoshida emphasizes that the focus is on British English (via Dualshockers). While many characters in the Final Fantasy universe had an American accent in the past, this time there will be a British accent, well, well, well.

Depending on how many characters speak British rather than American, it will be interesting how Final Fantasy 16 will be received by the American fans. They have their difficulties with British English, it seems, if you look at the fact that the British series Broadchurch was put on again almost 1 to 1 with the same leading actor (David Tennant) at least for a first season as Gracepoint – in American speaking. Anyone who has played the English version of the younger Final Fantasys will most likely remember Ignis from Final Fantasy 15 with a British accent – the only one of the four characters who, through the choice of language, was given a closeness to royalty without being royalty To belong.

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