Final Fantasy 16 is no longer just a fantasy …

from Susanne Braun
During the Playstation 5 showcase on September 16, 2020, Final Fantasy 16 was announced with Naoki Yoshida as producer and Hiroshi Takai as director. The first trailer already gives an idea of ​​where the journey is going: Although there is an action-fighting system again, the world is returning to the fantastic roots of the series. Check out the trailer with us.

Final Fantasy XVI is official! As part of the Playstation 5 showcase, which will be released worldwide on November 19, 2020, costs just under 400 euros in the digital version and just under 500 euros in the drive version, the developers at Square Enix showed the first trailer for Final Fantasy 16 . It is not only full of well-known elements from the series such as Shiva and Titan as monstrous astrals and Chocobos as loyal mounts, but also shows that the 16th part will return to the fantasy roots. You seem to be playing the shield of a young, mysterious prince named Joshua. And you will again go into action with an active combat system to put an end to monsters like Marlboros. Check out the trailer below.

Final Fantasy 16 announced: Check out the first trailer for the PS5 game

When Final Fantasy 16 will celebrate the release is not known. But the producer and director have already revealed that it will be the next big one Chunks of information about the game not until next year, when 2021 will be. The director is Hiroshi Takai, who worked on the two online final fantasies, among other things; Final Fantasy 11 and Final Fantasy 14. It is therefore not surprising that fans of the series feel reminded of the adventure in Eorzea from the first scenes of the trailer for Final Fantasy 16. The game is also produced by FF14 mastermind Naoki Yoshida, who has already managed to turn the last MMO of the Final Fantasy series completely on its head and create it from scratch – and thus create one of the most famous and popular online role-playing games. Final Fantasy 16 will initially be released exclusively for the Playstation 5.

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