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US players have reported receiving emails from Amazon explaining a possible delay in delivery of the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Due to the Corona crisis, the company initially wants to deliver important orders such as medicines, basic foodstuffs and the like.

At least in the United States, there could be a delay in delivery Final Fantasy 7 remakes come when ordered through Amazon. E-mails are apparently currently being sent to make customers aware of this.

Final Fantasy 7 delivery may be delayed

In the wake of the Corona crisis, Amazon announced that it would initially focus on shipping medicines, basic foodstuffs and similarly important products. Items like video games are currently not a priority for shipping. Therefore it is possible that the ordering of games like the Final Fantasy 7 remake is delayed. The delivery date is still given as April 10th, but apparently there is no longer a guarantee.

There are no reports of such emails in Germany yet, but this could change. In Germany, those who have ordered the Final Fantasy 7 remake as a physical version or want to buy it in stores will have to wait at least a day longer anyway. Because April 10th is a public holiday.

Source: WCCFTech

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