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Before the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on April 10, 2020, the developers of Square Enix will give an insight into some of the conjured Esper who are at your side in battle – and their idiosyncratic look. To do this, they introduce you to the unbound Materia alternative roundabout and point out that you can also see equipped weapons on the character.

The past major information cover for the Final Fantasy 7 remake included not only pictures of Red XIII and Professor Hojo, details of Tifa Lockhart's skills and abilities and an insight into mercenary missions and combat reports. No, the developers of the new edition of the cult JRPG also show pictures of some of the incantations that you survive in battle. Huge esper like Shiva and Ifrit have already been shown, but now the cute helpers are presented, namely the chocobo chick, carbuncle and the cactus. While the iconic cactus uses his skill to attack a thousand needles and looks just like he is used to from the Final Fantasy series, the look of the Chocobo chick and Carbuncle is particularly eye-catching – and perhaps not the most positive.

The Esper Chocobo chick – with an idiosyncratic look (Source: Square Enix)

The chocobo chick looks like it has fallen headfirst into a hot air fryer. The makers of Square Enix remark to the little rascal that it may look cute, but it can use powerful magic attacks. Karfunkel, on the other hand, a mystical creature with ruby ​​on the forehead, which also appears in many series parts, looks less cat-like or fox-like as in the past, but more like a small lap dog.

The die-hard fans of Final Fantasy especially find the Karfunkel look huge, as various Twitter responses show. What do you think of the look of chocobo chicks and carbuncles? You can see pictures in the gallery.

Cloud with a nail club.

Cloud with a nail club.

Source: Square Enix

Aside from the excitement surrounding the Esper, the developers are also introducing the unbound Materia alternative roundabout. If you use this, each attack will be converted into a melee attack after an evasive action. Not only the cloud can use this materia, the game's creators note. And they point out that weapons put on ensure that they are not only displayed visually, but also influence the movements of the characters. In the example picture you can admire Cloud with a nail club.

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