With the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Square Enix is ​​delivering role-playing boards for PS4 this year. Just in time for the turn of the year, we are again offering an overview of our most important tips & tricks. This definitely also includes Final Fantasy 7. With the materia you use not only magic but also skills as well as complementary materia or powerful esper thanks to conjurations. We provide you with a guide that gives you all the locations of all crystal balls. You then insert these into weapons, for example, in order to use their effects in the role-play highlight. You can also get some materia as rewards for quests or in vending machines.

We also provide you with all locations for all weapons in the FF7 remake. Whether Cloud, Barret, Tifa or Aerith, you can find out in our guide where you can collect all the arguments for the role-playing heroes. Each of your heroes will find six weapons in the course of the game. Completed quests are the main source. A few of the weapons are also hidden in boxes. As soon as you have a Gun used in the remake of Final Fantasy 7, the experience bar fills up. As soon as this is filled, you unlock the special weapon skill.

How you use the weapons in Final Fantasy 7 effectively, you will learn in our combat tips for the adventure. In addition to general tips on the combat system, we explain the effective blocking, the evasive envelope and the most important materia. We also briefly explain the ATB system and Chadley's combat report. If you enjoy the Final Fantasy 7 remake over the holidays, just follow the articles in the box below for tips. We also recommend our test on the remake of Final Fantasy 7.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – All tips at a glance Final Fantasy 7 - All weapon locations in the FF7 remakePS4

Final Fantasy 7: Find all weapons – guide with location tips

Find all weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: We offer you tips on where to find all the staffs, swords, rifles or gloves for the heroes. Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Find All Materia - Esper Locations Tips, Analysis, Healing, and More.PS4

Final Fantasy 7: Find all materia – tips on where to find them

Find all materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: We provide you with tips on where to find the important items for Cloud and his colleagues. Final Fantasy 7 Combat Tips - Materia, ATB Bars, Effectively Blocking, and MorePS4

Final Fantasy 7: ATB Bars, Materia, Effectively Blocking – Combat Tips

Final Fantasy 7 tips for the combat system in the remake: whether materia, blocking, ATB management or quick shock, we explain the combat system in FF7.

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