Final Fantasy 7 remake: digital preload already possible

from Susanne Braun
If you pre-ordered Final Fantasy 7 Remake in the Playstation Store, you can start preloading the new JRPG, depending on the region, since April 2, 2020. And, depending on your internet connection, this is probably necessary, after all, the game loads around 90 GB of data onto your hard drive, especially since Sony has reduced the download speed of the PSN.

Players and Final Fantasy fans around the world who digitally pre-ordered Final Fantasy 7 Remake are reporting on Reddit and in relevant Game forums like Resetera that the preload date for the new JRPG has been pushed forward – depending on the region, to April 2nd or 3rd, 2020. For many players, the preload has already started and this is for those who want to release on the 10th Want to get started in April, probably also sorely needed, because in the western version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake you pull a good 90 GB of data onto the hard drive of your Playstation 4.

This can sometimes take a lot of time. Sony officials had announced at the end of March that they would Download speed in Europe (and shortly thereafter also in parts of the USA) of updates and other game data from the PSN, in order to be able to control, regulate and relieve the data traffic a bit better in times of home office and social distance (via PC games).

So given the amount of data you need to digitally download for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it only makes sense that the preload has already started. Finally, depending on the speed of the line, the download, which would probably not pose a major problem without PSN throttling, can now take several hours or up to a day. There is no further news from the front of the boxed versions of Final Fantasy 7 Remake – the game can land in your mailbox before the release these days because shipping has already started.

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