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Yes, the game is called Final Fantasy 7 remake but a "Part 1" or an "Episode 1" is missing. But why? And why speaks producer Yoshinori Kitase from a "game fans have been waiting for 23 years"?

Attention! Spoilers follow here!

The Final Fantasy 7 remake basically retells the beginning of the original FF7 with a few modifications. However, the so-called "Whispers of Fate" appear, the whispers of fate, which are supposed to protect fate. They make sure that everything works as expected. But the Whispers are destroyed. What does that mean for fate? In addition, Zack still seems to be alive, who originally died before the events of FF7. And Aerith and Sephiroth seem to know what their fate looks like …

All of this could indicate that the story in the next part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake is very different from the original. Will Aerith survive? Does Zack appear again? How does this affect the story? And why does the cartoon dog Stamp look so different at the end of the game? Why was it so important to keep showing this dog? Is this an indication that we are in a parallel world? With the end of the "Whispers of Fate", the determined fate of the heroes and the world seems to be open again. Everything could change.

So the question arises: is the Final Fantasy 7 remake a remake at all? What if it is a kind of continuation of the original? A story that maybe either takes place in a parallel world or in which the events are repeated through a global event (or a journey through time), but this time is different? Maybe after the end of the original Final Fantasy 7, a character traveled back in time and triggered changes there that brought the Whispers of Fate to the scene. They tried to restore the original fate again, but were now destroyed, so now any major changes.

However, the struggle against these beings of fate may have sent waves through time that change the future, present and past. At least the future seems to change now with the annihilation of the Whispers.

It seems that there is much more in this game than expected. The part now released is the "remake". Part 2 then maybe the sequel? Producer Yoshinori Kitase also said that the Final Fantasy 7 remake is the game fans have been waiting for for 23 years. 23 years ago, no one thought of a remake, but rather of a sequel. Maybe with the other parts of the Final Fantasy 7 remake we can expect a bigger surprise. Perhaps more, that's something at the end of a sequel rather than a true remake.

Based on: VG247

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