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of Andreas Bertits
The Final Fantasy 7 remake could be related to the tenth part of the RPG series. At least there is an Easter Egg in the game that indicates this.

In 2003, fans of the Final Fantasy series theorized that Final Fantasy 7 and Part 10 are related. And an Easter egg in the Final Fantasy 7 remake this now seems to confirm this.

Play Final Fantasy 7 in the future of Final Fantasy 10

Towards the end of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, you can discover a photo in the museum of the Shinra group. This shows a group of employees, one of whom is wearing a mask reminiscent of those worn by the Al Bhed "Shinra" in Final Fantasy 10-2.

In FF10-2 "Shinra" examines another realm in which the souls of the dead of the world Spira enter after their death. He plans to extract this energy. In his view, however, this takes generations to implement this. For that you would get a very powerful raw material. In Final Fantasy 7, this process has apparently been perfected and the mako generated.

Has the company Shinra developed "Shinra" out of this person and now uses the process to make Mako? Now to see the NPC with the same mask as "Shinra" from FF10-2 in a photo in the Final Fantasy 7 remake, this theory fueled even more. But is it true …?

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