Since the Materia system in Final Fantasy 7 Remake has changed slightly and many have not played the original of the successful JRPG, we explain in this guide what Materia is and how you can use it sensibly. At the beginning of the game you have access to three materia, these are the Heal-, Embers and thunderstormMateria. These stand for the magic Vita, Fire and lightning. Each materia has its own abilities and gets stronger as you progress through the game by collecting so-called FP (skill points). You will receive this FP after a fight, but only after the system is explained to you in the second chapter.

In the later course of the game you will receive the FP Boost Materia. This doubles the FP you earn in combat. If you like that Hard mode unlocked you get three times the amount of FP. So if you have unlocked the Hard mode If you want to level up a few more materials, FP-Boost will give you six times the amount of FP instead of double. It can happen that you get more than 25 FP per opponent in later chapters of the game.

Final Fantasy 7 (Remake): Materia Guide - What are Materia and how do I use them correctly? (1)

Final Fantasy 7 (Remake): Materia Guide – What are Materia and how do I use them correctly? (1)

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The different types of materia

There are five types of materia. Each species has its own color, which is quite helpful to know immediately how to use this material.

  • green: Magic Materia
  • blue: Complementary material
  • yellow: Skill Materia
  • violet: Unbound materia
  • red: Summoner Materia

Magic materia contain magic such as vita, fire and lightning. Complementary matter expand yours Magic- and Skill materia. You can tell whether this expansion works by the white outline of the materia slots in your weapon. With the Skill materia you add new commands to your characters. So you can about that Prayer Materia use the command prayer, which applies healing to the group for two ATB strips. The Unbound materia is a very practical material. It can help you with additional status values, but also unlock new maneuvers for your characters. A good example of this is Alternate Turnover Materia. Finally, we have that Summoner Materiathat you can use to summon strong Esper to assist you in battle.

An additional materia slot in the weapon modification

An additional materia slot in the weapon modification

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Materia allocation and the available slots

To change your materia allocation you press the Options button, opens Equipment & Materia and you can select the character there and use the Triangle button to adjust his materia. You can also use the R1 button press to adjust the materia of all characters. There are a few small things to consider here. There are materia slots that stand alone and which are connected. You can place the materia as you like, any materia can be used in any slot. You can get additional materia slots and connections by modifying the weapons in the weapon modification menu.

You can combine these materia

As already mentioned there is complementary material with which you can strengthen and expand your magic and skill materia. The complementary materials available so far are the following:

Materia function Combinations
Elemental affinity In weapon: Expand your damage proportionately with an element.
In armor: Increases your resistance to an element.
Embers, frost, thunderstorms, air
Amplification Reduces the effect strength of the materia and extends it with a surface effect. Any magic materia
resistance Reduces the duration of negative state changes Toxin, sealing, destruction, time
Magic chaining A character you don't control will assist your attacks with magic, provided they have the ATB and MP needed. Embers, frost, thunderstorms, air, toxin
TP absorption The damage caused by the connected materia is partially absorbed as TP. Any materia that does damage
MP absorption The damage caused by the connected materia is partially absorbed as MP. Any materia that does damage
FP Boost Doubles the FP for the Connected Materia Every materia

All connections are functional and active. "Src ="

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Two connections don't work "src ="

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Useful connections here are, for example, amplification and barrier or healing. So you can protect your group from physical and magical attacks, or provide the entire group with a healing. If, on the other hand, you connect the amplification materia with an attack like embers, this attack will not get a longer range, but will jump to a nearby target and be triggered again. So you can cause a big explosion and clean the battlefield directly from all enemies.

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