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The developers at Square Enix surprised Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans by releasing the first minor update since the JRPG was released. The notes on Patch 1.01 contain hardly any tangible information. Because of this, fans speculate on whether the update suggests that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is being prepared for the Playstation 5 launch.

Surprise! Without any hints, the makers of Final Fantasy 7 Remake have released an update for the JRPG – the first since the game's release in April 2020. Cool: Of course, that suggests that Final Fantasy 7 Remake has to be one of the bug-free games, at least it is Developer perspective. The opinion of the fans is certainly a little different. But … what does Update 1.01 do for Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

At this point, the patch notes hardly give any indication of concrete measures that were taken with the patch. This eliminated errors that caused the game to crash; as well as bugs that caused problems like game screen freezing, sudden drop in the refresh rate, stuttering and lag. The performance and stability of FF7R should now have been improved, and "under the hood" a further adjustment has been made (via PushSquare). The update did not fix the texture problems complained about by fans.

Because Update 1.01 is so small and doesn't do anything obvious to the game, fans and the gaming press (via TwistedVoxel), that the patch Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is currently only released for the Playstation 4, will be made ready for the release of the Playstation 5 in November 2020. That would only make sense, because Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the first part of the remake series. Whether part 2 will appear exclusively (time-exclusively) for the Playstation 5 is of course just as unknown as the question of a PC release of episode 1 or what FF7R episode 2 will offer fans in terms of content and play.

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