Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Character Evolution Guide

In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, your status consists of four status values. These are hearts, strength, defense and magic. What does not exist, however, is a direct level system. Your character starts with a base value of four hearts and different status values ​​based on their race. In order for these values ​​to increase, you have to complete the dungeons. At the end of each dungeon you can choose an artifact. It doesn't matter whether you've already completed the dungeon or not. The character can only own each artifact once. Only while you make your way through the dungeon will you receive a bonus from artifacts that you have picked up again within the dungeon.

Since there is also a cycle system in FFCC, which increases the difficulty of the dungeons, you should therefore think carefully about how to proceed. You can either complete each dungeon once and become strong enough to complete the second cycle of dungeons without problems, or you can complete a dungeon and repeat it several times before its second cycle begins. The cycle system only advances when you complete a dungeon whose cycle has not yet started.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Character Development Guide (2)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Character Development Guide (2)

Source: Square Enix

How does the cycle system work?

You play Dungeon 1 and activate its cycle, then you do the same with Dungeon 2 and 3. Now a year has passed. Then you complete dungeons 4, 5 and 6. Another year has passed and if you now complete another dungeon, two years have passed in the game since you completed dungeon 1. Its cycle is then over and its level of difficulty increases.

However, if you proceed in such a way that you first run Dungeon 1, 2 and 3, the year goes by and you run Dungeon 1 again a little stronger, you do not activate a cycle of a dungeon – time stands still. The advantage here is that you still get the chance of a new artifact and thus you strengthen your character.

It is very important here that each character has to collect their own artifacts. So if you want to develop one character per race, you should be careful. A character with good equipment but low stats could work up a sweat in a high dungeon.

And what about my equipment?

Equipment can be made either in your own village or in the villages and towns you are visiting. To do this, you need scrolls with the corresponding recipes and the associated materials. If you want to manufacture equipment in your own village, the bond with the families of your caravan counts here. For this reason, it is advisable to create eight characters from day 1 and visit the respective family once a year with all characters. If you do this, every character should have reached the maximum level of attachment by year 12 at the latest.

The only job that could deviate from that would be the alchemist. If it is too much for you to do this annually with eight characters, you should at least go through the procedure with the blacksmith, alchemist, tailor and trader. The blacksmith and the tailor are there to make your equipment, the alchemist gives you a new recipe with every level of affection and there are twelve levels. The merchant offers you the opportunity to purchase materials and the higher his level of affection, the higher the discount you will get. More on this in the race and job guide.

Equipment only plays a minor role at first, as the game is slow to tighten the screws. However, if you are on the way to the end of the game, or you are about to reach the third cycle in every dungeon, you should definitely make sure that you are appropriately equipped. You should never buy recipes here. They cost way too much and you will swim in them soon enough. Better to save your gil for materials and for the production itself.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Character Development Guide (3)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Character Development Guide (3)

Source: Square Enix

Ok and how should I proceed optimally?

Now to the Tl; dr: For the first three years you can comfortably run each dungeon only once and see that you are making equipment as soon as you have the materials and recipes. You prefer to choose weapons, unless you still get hits too often. From the fourth year onwards you will reach the dungeons that go towards the end game. This is where the game begins to tighten the screws.

Now it's either to produce good armor and weapons in a targeted manner, or to save the gil and materials, but to run one or the other dungeon several times. Be careful not to take a dungeon with a completed cycle. Dungeons of the second cycle are still easy, but often already contain ghosts. These are very tough without Sanctus and make it difficult for you to get better status values ​​effectively and quickly.

We recommend the following:

cycleHeartStrength / magicdefenseRings
37-845-8040-65Two elementals & Vita
Last dungeon7-855+45+Two elementals & Vita
Post-game8th70+65+All elementals, vita & angels

The rings listed are very helpful and, above all, very important. If you enter a dungeon that houses ghosts, you can create a Sanctus with the Vita ring and the angel ring. In the post-game you can even get a Sanctus ring directly, which relieves your command bar. You can find these rings in the following locations:

ringLocation 1Location 2
lightningSelepation (every cycle & as a boss drop)
iceVeo Lu (every cycle & as a boss drop)
FireKilanda volcano (every cycle & as a boss drop)Volcano in the rain (treasure chest)
VitaConall Curach (cycle 1 & 2 & as boss drop)Deep mine shafts (treasure chest)
AngelConall Curach (Boss)Foggy Swamp (Treasure Chest)
GravitasVolcano in the rain (treasure chest)
SanctusFoggy Swamp (Treasure Chest)Deep mine shafts (treasure chest)
meteorRainy Ruins (as a boss drop)

Please note that the rings for Gravitas, Sanctus and Meteor are only available in the post-game. The drop chances are much higher, but the challenge is not the chance to get the item. Rather, the challenge is to get out of the dungeon alive.

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