Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: How to Create a Character Guide

Clavat, Lilty, Yuke and Selkie. These are the four races you can choose between in FFCC. Here you not only decide in part about your gameplay as such, but also about your basic status values. Each race also has different favorite foods, which will make it easier for you to heal your character at the beginning of the game. So depending on the situation you are in, each race will bring its own virtues into play; be it through their specialization or through the addition of buffs and the various dishes.

The clavats in the race overview

The clavats in the race overview

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The clavat

As a typical all-rounder, very beginner-friendly. Clavats have an average strength and magic rating, and complement that with excellent defense. They can cast spells quickly, but their focus attacks are quite limited.

When it comes to food, a clavat looks for strip apples, bell cherries and colored grapes. Each of these dishes temporarily increases the magic value.


The Lilty in the race overview

The Lilty in the race overview

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The Lilty

The physical offensive runs in the Liltys' blood. While they're small, their focus attacks are long-range and quick. They have almost nothing to do with magic, but if you see a Lilty with a spear you should win land as quickly as possible. He covers his excellent offensive in close combat with a pronounced defense.

Meat, pumpkin potatoes and round corn are the three things a Lilty likes to eat most. But that's not surprising either. After all, meat increases the attack power, while pumpkin potatoes and round corn increase the immune system.


The yuke in the race overview

The yuke in the race overview

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The yuke

These magical beings specialize in magic. They do not care about physical harm, neither their own nor that which is inflicted on them. In magic, however, they dwarf everything. Her spells are quick, long-range, and devastating. We would not recommend this breed to a beginner.

While the Lilty increase their outstanding advantages with their favorite foods, the Yuke seem to want to improve their disadvantages. A yuke prefers star carrots and round corn, which increase the immune system, and fish, which increases the attack force.


The Selkie in the breed overview

The Selkie in the breed overview

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The selkie

Similar to the clavats, the selkies are all-rounders. However, they are a little stronger, but withstand a little less, but compensate for this with their agility. They don't move any faster, but they can quickly stop opponents with their focus attacks. When it comes to the advantage in status, we would prefer a Clavat to a Selkie. But here you have to choose between a pure all-rounder (Clavat) and a physically optimized all-rounder (Selkie).

A selkie likes to increase its attack power with fish and meat. However, if the Selkie is in a tricky situation, he also likes to fall back on a striped apple to increase the immune system.


The crafting equipment view

The crafting equipment view

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The professions

There are eight professions. These are blacksmiths, tailors, farmers, cattle breeders, millers, fishermen, traders and alchemists. The better your characters bond with their families, the more you will benefit from your family's professions.


The blacksmith enables you to make weapons and armor.

Level of affectionreward
beginBeginner's weapon, combat weapon, bronze armor, iron armor, iron plate, bronze mitt, iron mitt, bronze belt, iron belt
Level 1Master weapon, mithril plate, mithril mitt, mithril hood, mithril belt
Level 2Legendary weapon, diamond armor, diamond mitt, diamond bonnet, diamond belt
Level 3Ultimator


The tailor enables you to make jewelry.

Level of affectionreward
beginFire needle, ice needle, lightning needle, clockwork
Level 1Clockwork, weaving, secret book, thief, dark ring, elf ring, optician, lens
Level 2Goldsmiths, spinning mills, secret doctrines, pickpockets, shadow rings, angel rings, telescopes, glasses makers
Level 3Defendor


The alchemist gives you a recipe every year.

Level of affectionreward
Level 1Iron armor
Level 2Fighter weapon
Level 3Fire armor
Level 4clockwork
Level 5Mithril shell
Level 6Ice needle
Level 7Lightning needle
Level 8Master weapon
Level 9Light ripe
Level 10Diamond armor
Level 11Defendor
Level 12Ultimator


The dealer enables you to buy materials and also gives you a discount.

Level of affectionDiscountreward
beginMeat, fish, milk, bronze, iron,
Level 1Discount 30%Mithril, gold, silver, bronze fragments, iron fragments
Level 2Discount 53%Gemstone, magma stone, jelly, thunder ball
Level 3Discount 65%Ultimanith, dark quartz

Farmer, ranchers, millers & fishermen

These four professions provide you with the food of fish, bread, wheat, milk and meat.


In FFCC, you can theoretically achieve your goal with any profession and any race. For beginners, it is recommended to play a clavat or lilty, and create a minimum of two characters in order to have access to the alchemist and the blacksmith. Because the best weapon (without DLC content and before the post-game) is obtained at the highest level of alchemist, and can only be made with an in-house blacksmith.

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