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Fancy a new Warhammer MMORPG? No problem! The development team of Virtual Realms recently presented the current project with the imposing name of Warhammer: Odyssey. The online role-playing game for Android and iOS is expected to be released in early 2021. In the latest cinematic trailer, you can already see the graphics and gameplay of the MMO today.

That's good news! Work on the new Warhammer MMO is progressing and the developers of Virtual Realms are presenting the gameplay in the newly released cinematic trailer. In a few months, the first players will be able to explore the great "Old World" of Warhammer and confront the dark forces of chaos. The following video "Now Is the Time for Heroes" gives you a foretaste of the game world and the battle system of Warhammer: Odyssey.

You can choose from three races and six classes each. You can choose between high elf (mage and shadow warrior), dwarf (engineer and slayer) and human (witch hunter and Sigmar priest). Depending on the class, your hero can take on different roles in the game. For example, the priest of Sigmar can heal his fellow players or protect them from all kinds of villains as a steadfast tank. You can find more information about the individual classes and a preview of the character design on the official website of Warhammer: Odyssey or on Youtube.

Although the MMO makes a good first impression, there is currently a lot of criticism on the net. Some Warhammer fans are disappointed that Warhammer: Odyssey was developed exclusively for mobile platforms and that "again" there is no new Warhammer MMO for PC or consoles. Others, however, would have preferred a 40k MMORPG instead of Warhammer: Odyssey (the SciFi universe of Warhammer).

How do you like the new Warhammer MMO? Are you going to play Warhammer: Odyssey? Do any of you even play mobile phone games? Or are you just as disappointed as many other Warhammer fans are currently? Would you rather have a Warhammer Online 2 for PC or console? Write it to us!

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