Minecraft has long been available for just about any platform. On the PS4, a crucial feature has been missing but so far – we are talking about Crossplay. But this will change with the Bedrock update. We'll tell you what the update also brings with it new features.

As for Minecraft, you're really spoiled for choice. You can either play it on the go on your Nintendo Switch or on an Android or iOS device. Of course you can also play it quite conventionally on the PC or a console of your choice, be it the Xbox One or the PS4. All the more gratifying is the news that the PS4 version of Minecraft on December 10, 2019 a free update to the official Bedrock version receives.

Is this still Minecraft? Thanks to BedrockEdition raytracing should be possible soon and this is how it looks like:

What exactly does the Bedrock Edition look like?

Basically, the Bedrock Edition is the official version of Minecraft, which the cross-platform games between all mobile devices, consoles and the PC. Furthermore, the main features in the Minecraft Wiki described as follows:

  • Worlds are automatically expanded as you approach the horizon and can be infinitely large.
  • The game curates selected servers for multiplayer. There is a Minecraft affiliate program that server operators can apply for to make their server available to other players.
  • Purchased add-ons are automatically available on all platforms without having to be bought there again.
  • You get access to Minecraft Realms.

Another important innovation regarding the PS4 version of Minecraft: All players will receive after the update Access to the Marketplace and can thus stock up on numerous additional contents. Whether skins, worlds, mini-games or texture packs – there is guaranteed to find any!

Minecraft can be so beautiful! We selected the most unusual seeds on the PC for you:

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What is the platform of your choice regarding Minecraft? Have you already gambled the game on PS4 and are you looking forward to crossplay? Will you (again) start playing again through the update? Write us your opinion about it just in the comments.