Anyone who plays Final Fantasy 14 themselves knows how hard it is to get your own property. That could change soon as Square Enix is ​​adding new housing plots soon.

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Final Fantasy 14: What is Housing?

Many have called Final Fantasy 14 home for many years and therefore spend a lot of time in the game. Crafting, raids, dungeons, farming mounts – there is always something to do, because the game is regularly fed with new content.

Housing and furnishing also play a major role in Final Fantasy 14. Here the players have several options. For one, you can buy a roomwhich is in the house of its own free society. Furthermore, there is one in every residential area (previously Lavender Beds, Village of Fog, Kelchkuppe and Shirogane) large residential building. You can also buy a room there, as long as there is enough space.

Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition (PC) "src ="

Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition (PC)

Most strive, however an own house on. There are three possible plots available to the players: Small, Medium and Large. To furnish the garden and the house, there are countless pieces of furniture and decorations available which, if you cannot make them yourself, are simply available on the market board. Various events and the Mogry Shop expand the range enormously.

However, getting to a house is a feat and often a question of patience and speed, there are still plenty of players waiting for their chance.

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Final Fantasy 14: Finally new lots

The last live letter from the producer said announcedthat new housing plots will be added with patch 5.35. Each residential area receives six new districts, for a total of 24. This time are from the start all parties are entitled to purchase a propertywhether for a free society or privately. It is not known when exactly Patch 5.35 will be released.

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If you don't manage to secure a plot of land with the upcoming patch either, don't worry. Presumably, with Ishgard, an entire residential area will be added in the future. This means that you will always have the opportunity to buy a house in the future.

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