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With patch 9.1 melee fighters can breathe a sigh of relief in WoW. Because one of the most unpopular affixes of the Mythic Plus dungeons in the Melee camp is massively weakened. In the near future, melee fighters will no longer have to fear stormy weeks.

It is in the nature of things that some affixes are more popular than others in WoW’s Mythic Plus dungeons. But few have drawn as much hatred and anger as the affix since the system was first introduced Stormy. Although that is not entirely true. Rangers often look forward to Stormy -Weeks, as they are hardly affected by the whirlwinds flying around. Melees, on the other hand, are only running and have to avoid the eddies all the time and hardly have time for anything else – except to swear loudly.

With Patch 9.1 that should be a thing of the past, at least in part. Because the developers of Blizzard miss the affix Stormy a whole bunch of nerfs that at least partially take away the horror. They’re slower, more predictable, do less damage, and hit fewer targets in the upcoming patch.

The following nerfs collect the whirlwinds of the affix Stormy:

  • The whirlwinds are moving much more slowly now
  • The whirlwinds seem to only move clockwise
  • The whirlwinds disappear as soon as they hit a player
  • The whirlwinds cause less damage (12 instead of 15 percent health)

This allows melee fighters (and tanks, of course) to avoid them much more easily. And healers are also happy because they have to heal less – not just because of the reduced damage. Individual eddies will no longer be able to catch half the group at the same time.

All in all, the affix for melee fighters remains much more annoying than for ranged fighters, but loses a large part of its horror and in the future is unlikely to prevent a melee from running Mythical Plus dungeons in the relevant weeks.

At the same time, by the way, is also the affix Necrotic nerfed. Opponents only apply it with every second melee attack, so it only piles up half as fast, which should please the tanks and healers.

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