Although Death Stranding has some fans, the game has also received a lot of criticism. Among other things, players were dissatisfied with the gameplay and compared the title with a running simulator. But that could also be used sensibly, engineer Allen Pan thought, and created a life-size PS4 controller to become sportier.

We all know that: a new year begins and everyone is going resolutionsthat you discard after a few weeks anyway – especially when it comes to sporting activity. It's currently cold anyway and Death Stranding just appeared, so why not gamble a bit at home and in the warm? This is definitely not sporty, unless you combine the two. At least the chance of going through the resolutions is a little higher. Thought, done and so Allen Pan built an exclusive Death stranding controller,

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A few straps for good intentions

In a YouTube video, Allen Pan presents his specially designed PS4 controller – a creative way that sports and games complement each other perfectly. With help of a treadmill, a few Gird, one backpack and numerous technical aids, he shows in the video that his idea works. However, it is not as easy as it may sound.

Thanks to its conversion, it is able to To transfer running movements into the game, In short: if everyone runs, Porter will run. Runs everyone, runs Porter. However, it quickly turned out that he was totally stuck without another controller. This was then used to make the game infamous balance to hold and turn the camera. In the end, you could imagine a good game session.

It remains to be seen whether he can really carry out his sporting resolutions. Nevertheless, watching is quite amusing and fascinating at the same time. What do you say about his work? Could his idea have a future for gamers? Please write us your opinion in the comments.