Joe Blackburn, one of the developers of Destiny 2, has many, many lines Written about the loot distributions, opportunities, and failures in that regard in past and current seasons of Destiny 2. The only thing that stuck with me is the announcement of a transmogrification feature that will come into play in the 14th season, around summer 2021. This mechanic is then called Transformation and it allows me to change the look of certain clothes clapping on the items that my guardian is currently wearing on his magnificent body. I'm really super excited and I'll explain why. And which questions still have to be answered by the developer before the transformation is introduced.

When I was on the first day of the Destiny 2 (buy now € 8.95 ) When I started playing, I was already a veteran because I spent a fair amount of game time in Destiny 1. The class of my choice has always been the Warlock, because he's just super cool. Hunters and Titans may not agree with me, but for me the best class is the Warlock (yes, I've already played the other two). Now in Destiny 2, the same armor sets appear over and over again during certain seasons, which have the power level required for an ambitious Guardian. When I started with Destiny 2, however, I was always concerned with the look of my Guardian, which is often presented in all its glory in a heroic pose in the game. At the start of a crucible round, for example, or when the fireteam enters the raid. Maybe that sounds vain, but then I want my guardian to look imposing and not like Hans Presswurst in a dressing gown.

Unfortunately, this is often the case, because the five items of a visually matching set cannot really be farmed specifically. Already after the release I had a lot of trouble and hardship with it, and that was long before the introduction of the revised mod system, the additional attributes and the random rolls made the choice of gear really confusing. In the old Red Battle launch campaign, the Warlock Guardian wore the tattered Warlock clothes at the beginning. The quality of the items was gray and therefore non-existent. I was all the more enthusiastic when, after reaching the maximum level, I discovered that Ikora's ego-claw set was exactly this starter set – only in good-looking and richly padded with chic stats! The idea was born in me to collect a set for each of the three available focuses at the time. Ego claw for emptiness, Philomath for arc, gensym knight for solar.

Ego-claw was only available from Ikora. Philomath are random drops (still today). Gensym-Ritter was the set that was only available on Io by Asher Mir. I spent hours, days, weeks working on the farm to put together my perfect Warlock sets, and I was mighty proud when I finally succeeded.

Now imagine my disappointment when I came back to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light and found that the rules from then no longer apply today. I could still infuse the old armor, that wouldn't be a problem. But their maximum power level is capped at 1,060. The current power level hardcap is 1,260. I would run around fancy, but burst every five meters like a fat bag full of mica.

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That's why my old armor is now rotting in the safe, in the hope that it will eventually serve another purpose. This purpose will hopefully come in the summer of 2021. With the transformation, I want to be able to apply my old looks that can no longer be found in the game today. Under the hood the (in my eyes absolutely ugly) anti-annihilation, the Eimin-Tin-Ritual or the Wilde-Jagd armor may be buzzing, but above that my beautiful gensym knight, philomath and ego shine -Claw sets.

Especially since the collections would have to make it possible to polish old clothes to the new ones, because in the collections every clothes that your guardian brought in is already noted and checked off. But oh and ah … apparently not the armor that you have collected since the start of Destiny 2. I had the Lost Pacific Suit that was on Titan. The only difference is that I didn't keep the things anymore when something better came around the corner with my other favorite sets. There are some questions, at least for me, that Bungie's developers have to answer in order to transform.

Are the sets still counted retroactively – or can they be collected somehow, although Io, Merkur and Co. are currently not in the game (apart from a mini-simulation of Saint-14 for the melting pot)? Will Destiny 2 transmogrification cost resources? Will we be able to create set templates to either color armor quickly or, oh wonder, to change it quickly?

The fact that the latter is missing at least annoys me because I'm still behind in getting the right armor for every spec. But maybe that comes with the transformation too. And if not … Hello, Destiny 3 ?!

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