Find all secret levels and scrolls

Minecraft dungeons have a lot more than just the ten levels through which the story takes you. We'll tell you where to find all the scrolls to unlock the secret levels.

There are a total of five secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons, which you can only unlock if you find a number of hidden items in the ten regular missions. If you don't want to search on your own, you can get all the information here:

To unlock the following levels, you have to always find a scroll. An exception is the ??? level, also known as the cow level of Minecraft Dungeons. This requires you to meet a number of requirements. That is why we have summarized them for you in a separate article.

Secret level: Creepy crypt

Location: Creeper forest

After you have freed the first villager, walk along the path to the left until you reach a stone wall. This can be opened by pressing the stone slab on the floor. In the dungeon that opens, the scroll is on the pedestal with the green candle.

Secret level: mushy cave

Location: wet swamp

The scroll in the wet swamp doesn't always appear, it is depending on chance. So you probably will several tries need.

After about half of the level, once you have destroyed the 5 potions, you will reach a larger cave. Cross it and return to daylight. Now the path will lead you either north or south. If the way leads north, you should restart the level. However, if the path leads south, there is a possibility to find the scroll.

Follow the path further down until you reach a storage box. Shortly after, you should find a cave with the scroll in it. If you don't find a cave you have to restart the level and try again.

Note: Open your map at the beginning of the level. With 0/2 Found Secrets, there seems to be a 100 percent chance that the cave with the scroll will appear.

Secret level: Erzhafen

Location: Pumpkin willows

Whether you can find the scroll in the pumpkin willows is completely dependent on chanceSo you need a lot of luck. The scroll is inside a small ship. However, this rarely spawns. After starting the level you should search three locations:

  1. Run to the first large area and look for the ship on the optional path on the left.
  2. Run to the first large area and look for the ship on the optional path on the right.
  3. Runs up to the large stone wall, but does not cross it. Instead, run right along the optional path before you reach the wall.

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If you do not see the ship in any of these three locations, return to the camp and restart the mission. Note that the search for the scroll in this level last up to an hour or more can.

Secret level: basement

Location: high-rise halls

The scroll in the high-rise halls is the easiest to find, as it is hidden directly at the level entrance and is not dependent on chance. Run down the aisle and down the stairs until you reach a room with two shields on the wall. Interacts with the protruding shield to open a secret entrance. On the other side you will find the scripture.

Have you found all hidden scriptures and secret levels or are you having problems with some of the hidden content? Then feel free to ask in the comments!