Find all secret runes and unlock the hidden level

Minecraft dungeons have more secrets than they seem at first glance. If you find nine hidden runes, you unlock a secret level. We'll tell you how it works.

The most important thing firstt: You can only find the runes and the secret level on the Unlock Adventure difficulty. So you have to finish the game on the normal level of difficulty first. You reach the secret level via the church, which is in your camp.

This is how you reach the church in your camp

Run from the blacksmith to the right, past the pigs until you reach a jumping platform. Jump over the abyss and you will find a destroyed obsidian gate. From there, run down to the left, through the trees and you will reach the church. Remember to pull the little lever. This will lower a drawbridge and unlock a shortcut to the church.

At the very end of the church you will find a golden switch that opens the hidden level. Before that you have to find 9 hidden runes. Where exactly these runes are hidden is revealed by the dog painting in front of them.

Click on the painting to get a clue to one of the secret runes. You get both a helpful picture and a suitable sound, which draws your attention to the correct level and the corresponding location.

If you do not want to puzzle yourself, we have listed all the locations below for you.

All secret rune locations

  • Crepper forest
    • At the end of the level, on the lower left side of the map after you have freed the villagers from the cages.
  • Pumpkin willows
    • Right on the big stone wall.
  • Wet swamp
    • At the end of the level, hidden behind mushrooms.
  • Cactus canyon
    • The section where you need to find the blue and yellow keys.
  • Redstone mines
    • The room where you have to free six villagers.
  • Desert temple
    • The room with the yellow key.
  • Fire forge
    • At the very beginning, next to the dead redstone golem.
  • High-rise halls
    • An extinguished torch in the large square with the statue.
  • Obsidian summit
    • The first interior that resembles a tavern.

If you have difficulties discovering the secrets in the given locations, YouTuber has InTheLittleWoods recorded the exact localities in his video.

Have you already found all the runes and unlocked the hidden level or is there a hiding place that you can't find on hell come out? Feel free to write us in the comments!