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Shortly after the star of the new expansion of Hearthstone, the demon hunter hits the nerf club. The new class has apparently turned out to be too dominant, so the developers have adapted several cards from him. You can find the list in the message.

On April 7, Blizzard Entertainment released "Ruins of Outland", the latest expansion for the digital trading card game Hearthstone. One of the most interesting innovations was probably the demon hunter – a completely new class including the appropriate skills and cards. But apparently the developers have overshot the design of this class and are already forced to do something.

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The demon hunter is currently by far the most played class in Hearthstone (buy now for € 0.00): Depending on the statistics, around 50 percent of all players go into battle with him. Added to this are his aggressive and dangerous abilities, to which many opponents have no answer. To at least somewhat reduce this dominance, Blizzard Entertainment weakened some demon hunter cards using a server-side hot fix. Here is the list:

  • Gul'dan's Skull – now costs 6 instead of 5 mana
  • Captured Antaen – now costs 6 instead of 5 mana
  • Eye Ray – Reduced mana cost increases from 0 to 1 mana
  • Aldrachi's Warblades – Durability drops from 3 to 2

Depending on the region, the changes should either already be active on the server or take effect later today. Blizzard Entertainment also stated that they will continue to keep a close eye on the demon hunter class and will make further changes if necessary. We will keep you up to date.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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