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After Game of Thrones is over, HBO is planning a spin-off to shed some light on the Targaryens. However, fans have to be patient for a while.

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When will the Game of Thrones prequel series be released?

HBO doesn't want to leave the world of Westeros just yet. Across from Deadline HBO boss Casey Bloys confirms that work on the Prequel "House of the Dragon" continue as planned.

Still, the fans have to be patient for a while. The story about the Targaryen and their mighty dragons should not appear until 2022. An exact date is not yet available.

"House of the Dragon" is the second prequel series HBO wants to repeat the success of Game of Thrones. The Spin-Off "Bloodmoon" was deleted after an unreleased pilot episode.

What is “House of the Dragon” about?

This time, HBO wants to rely on a book again. "House of the Dragon" is based on the Targaryen Chronicles, the by George R.R. Martin were written. The casting is said to have already started. If you want to find out more about the Dragon Riders now, you can buy the book on Amazon. For more information on the prequel series, you can download a Read the overview of our colleagues at

If a report by Redanian Intelligence is to be trusted, the series takes place during the Dance of the Dragons. In the civil war, two factions within the Targaryen family fight for the Iron Throne. For the fans, this means above all that there could be significantly more dragons this time.

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The “Game of Thrones” prequel is scheduled to appear in 2022. First rumors also say that it should be about the dance of the dragons. Are you looking forward to the Targaryen Civil War to be able to experience as a series? Feel free to visit our Facebook page and write it to us there in the comments.