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Fantasy General 2 has recently been expanded with the DLC "Onslaught" with a lot of new content. Among other things, new air units and a campaign with more than 30 procedurally created cards are available. The previous invasion campaign also received a bonus card. A trailer for the DLC was also released.

Half a year after the release of Fantasy General 2, players can now look forward to the first DLC called "Onslaught" for the strategy title. According to the team from Owned By Gravity and publisher Slitherine, the game has been expanded with some content. Among other things, there will be 13 new air units for Fantasy General 2. These include giant eagles, nightmares, flame riders, monster hunters and firebirds. What you can still expect from Onslaught has been summarized in a short video for you, which you can find below.

Another highlight of the DLC is the new campaign with over 30 procedural cards. Here you can choose your favorite from a series of heroes and look for the "mysterious book by Krell". There is also a new map for the previous "Invasion" campaign that will contain the new air units. The new expansion for Fantasy General 2 can currently for 12.49 euros Steam or GOG be acquired. For the release of the main game, we already took a detailed look at the strategy game in our test.

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Fantasy General 2: DLC "Onslaught" with dynamic campaign and air units (1) (Source: PC Games)

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