First hands-on reports with loading times, improvements and more

from Dominik Zwingmann
In the USA, selected press representatives had the chance to take a closer look at Microsoft's Xbox Series X for the first time. The focus of the test round was on downward compatibility, loading times, quick resume and data transfer with the new SSD hard drive. We have summarized the most important information for you in our message.

Selected press representatives in the USA had the opportunity last week to take a first look at the Xbox Series X in their own four walls. Microsoft has supplied the corresponding partner with a copy of the console. Several hands-on reports on the Xbox Series X have been published in the past few hours. The focus was initially on loading times, downward compatibility, quick resume and the general user experience. The testers already agree on one point: It is now very difficult to return to the Xbox One X – the difference is made by the SSD.

"I switched to the Xbox One X for a brief moment during my test and it felt like going back from cable internet to the days of a 56K modem. That's how much the Xbox Series X improves the games you play every day. Everything just feels better. " – Tom Warren in the hands-on test of The Verge.

The SSD hard drive shows its strengths in the loading times, among other things. Several titles were compared with one another here and the result is very good in all examples. Sea of ​​Thieves only needs 20 seconds on an Xbox Series X before players can get started. On an Xbox One X, users have to wait 81 seconds. In Destiny 2, loading times have been reduced from 112 seconds to just 43 seconds. Below is a list of the test results from The Verge report.

Xbox players who want to move their titles back and forth between two hard drives can also look forward to a fast transfer. The transfer of Assassin's Creed Origins from an external SSD to the internal SSD took just 2 minutes and 18 seconds. Conversely, the time was then around 4 minutes and 33 seconds. In general, the storage space on the SSD is currently a bit smaller. Of the specified 1 TB, only 802 GB will be available in the end. There could be some changes here before the launch of the Xbox Series X.

Backward compatibility increases the frame rate of multiple games

Older games will also be able to use the Xbox Series X's performance. Above all, backwards compatible games without FPS limitation benefit greatly from the new console. For example, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be played on an Xbox Series X with a stable 60 FPS. On the Xbox One X, this value averaged 37 FPS. Quick Resume has also been extensively tested. In the Venture Beat test, Jeff Grubb was able to turn on the console in just 90 seconds and switch back and forth between GTA 4, Sekiro, No Man's Sky and Final Fantasy 15. Further detailed details on the first hands-on experience with the Xbox Series X can be found in the reports of the US press representatives. We have prepared a list for you below.

First hands-on reports on the new Xbox Series X

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