First look at the Silvermane class of the PS5 action game

from André Linken
Counterplay Games gives you a little taste of the PS5 action game Godfall. For this purpose, a new teaser trailer is now available, which introduces you to the armor or the class of the "Silvermane". You can find the video in the message.

Until the action game Godfall for PlayStation 5 appears, there are a few more months in the country. In order to pass the rest of the waiting time a little, the responsible development studio Counterplay Games has released a new trailer, which we of course do not want to withhold from you. You can find the video directly below this message.

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It is a relatively short teaser, which introduces you to the armor or the class of the "Silvermane" a little more precisely. At Godfall you can choose different armor that give you different skills and thus determine the basic style of play. The Silvermane armor resembles a mighty lion with an impressive mane. However, the video does not reveal any further details, such as the skills involved. There will certainly be more specific details in the coming weeks and months. Godfall might have been part of the big PS5 event that Sony canceled at short notice.

Godfall is a so-called Looter Slasher, in which the gameplay focuses on close-combat fights that are as dynamic as they are imposing. The hunt for ever better loot and challenging boss fights play a crucial role. The focus is also on co-op games for up to three players, who carve their way through the hordes of opponents. The responsible developer studio Counterplay Games is based in California. Before working on Godfall, the team made a name for itself with the Duelyst trading card game. Some of the employees used to work at Blizzard Entertainment, where they worked on Diablo 3, among other things.

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