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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout gets an update today. The patch notes are already available: With the update, the level Jump Showdown from the beta comes into play. Bug fixes and optimizations are also pending. The developers seem to be working on additional content for Fall Guys for future updates. On, the lead designer talks about a level editor that players could use to create their own map creations. Such a tool for the surprise hit on PC and PS4 is therefore not entirely excluded.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout gets an update today. The developers have already communicated the patch notes with the changes and innovations via the short message service Twitter. The focus of the update is the Jump Showdown level, which players should already know from the beta. In addition, the developers play various bug fixes and optimizations for the surprise hit on PC and PS4. For example, the weighting for Royale Fumble will be reduced in order to create more possibilities for variation in the final round.

With the update, some collisions in Block Party have also been reworked that allow players to bypass the blocks. The Patch Notes for the Fall Guys Update can be found under this link in a separate article. The developers want to add new functions to the battle royale brawl in the future. At the top of the fans' wish list, for example, is a level editor so that they can create their own map creations. In a Reddit thread, lead designer Joe Walsh commented on the subject. The developer did not want to completely rule out a level editor. However, the implementation is a huge task.

Accordingly, you only use the Unity engine to implement the levels. "So there is no tool that we can easily release for the players," says Walsh. Also, curating the content and figuring out how to ultimately present the best content is a difficult task. "We'd probably work on it for a while (should we decide to start with it). But of course, it's a very exciting idea and I would like to tackle it one day," adds the developer. In our news area we will keep you up to date on the further development of Fall Guys.

Via Reddit, Gamepro

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