First trailer for Michael Bay's Corona film

The story of the film is set in 2024. The world population is in a headlock of the COVID-23 virus, which has been locked down for four years. At its peak, the virus claimed 8.4 million lives in one year, so the government is resolutely taking action against rule breakers – even with the help of the military.

The focus is on a young couple, of whom at least the man (Nico) seems to be immune to the virus and, thanks to a special permit, is allowed to move freely. However, the apartment of the friend (Sara) should be evacuated because a neighbor was infected. She is confronted with the brutal consistency with which the authorities proceed in such cases. In the period that followed, the two protagonists parted ways, and Nico began a major search in an almost post-apocalyptic world.

Songbird's story is inspired by the real-life corona pandemic that is currently keeping the world in suspense. However, the film paints a much bleak picture of the near future. Adam Mason acts as the director, who has brought The Devil's Chair and Broken – No One Can Save You to the big screen. Action specialist Michael Bay (Transformers) is one of the producers. The leading roles are Sofia Carson and K.J. To see Apa, the well-known actress Demi Moore stands at their side. The shooting of the film took place during the current corona pandemic and for this reason alone – defying all exaggeration – it should feel quite "realistic". the cinema release is planned for next year, a specific date has not yet been set.

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